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Questions to consider:

– Are you looking for an automatic or manual transmission?

– Does your step van need to be highway worthy? (most vintage step vans are geared very low, meaning they go 45-50mph top speed)

– Are you looking for a mechanically sound step van that will be a daily driver?

– Are you looking for a step van that will usually be parked in same area, light driving use, or mostly trailered to events?

– Do you want a full customization with new paint, body work, interior design, graphic design and mechanically sound?

– Will you be performing any work to the step van yourself, or would you like us to?

– Do you need a serving window installed? How many?

– How tall are you or the people/staff that will be working in the step van?

– If you’re planning on using for food service, do you need a hand wash sink?  (know your local rules and regulations)



Austin, Texas – USA




Truck(s) #'s you are interested in?

Truck Purpose – What type of business will the truck be used for?

Any additional comments