About Us

The team at VintageStepVans.com is here to help you find, customize and restore the perfect truck.  Yes, we offer full restoration services!

Some of our clients are looking for that perfect advertising vehicle for their business, a cool customized food truck or a truck for their pop-up business.  Perhaps it’s a truck to drive around the neighborhood and show off to your friends — let us take your Vintage Step Van to the next level!

That’s not all!  We also specialize in buying and selling Vintage Step Vans, Food Trucks and Ice Cream Trucks.

Do you or your neighbor have a Vintage Step Van taking up space in the garage or driveway?  Send us some photos and just maybe we’ll buy it from you?!

We can also help you sell your vehicle!  It’s easy…

  • Let us list your truck
  • Use our vast network and database of interested buyers
  • Get your asking price $$$!

We look forward to servicing all your Vintage Step Van needs!